by Ugh

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jonas - vocals/guitar/bass
robert - vocals/bass/guitar
alex - drums


released May 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Ugh Sarasota, Florida

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Track Name: Link Our Pinkies
i wish i could be
a better version of myself
more motivated
with a clear mind
wish i could remember
the way i used to
wish i could remember
your name

link our pinkies it's a promise
cut our hands, a blood oath
picture in my wallet, holding on against hope
i swear i swear, swear i'll remember you

i swear with this mind
so mushy and so pink
just the way i feel about you now
i'll take better care, of myself
if it means you'll do the same for you

i know this went on
way later than i thought
the time must have slipped my mind
we can leave early
the next time we come here

if that's what you want
that's what i want
Track Name: Alright
lets hang around
at least for a little bit
this could be easy
i think that would be lit
go to the movies
never watch the movie
say that it was alright
i think we're alright

we're alright
i'm having a good time
we're alright
it doesn't have to change
it doesn't have to change

lets lie around
and not do much until
after a nap
i think that would be chill
go to the beach
where we can see everything
now this is easy
i think we're alright
Track Name: Nobody's There
pull the weeds from your garden
it's never clean
your hands they were filthy
gnarled and mean
dig a bigger hole
this one's for you
pennies on your eyes
dressed in your best shoes

nobody's there's
it was all in your mind
it's all in your mind

bow your head in prayer
no one forgives
and you can't forget
all your woes and your dread
hold a steady hand
it shakes just like mine
please don't let go
god please don't let go
Track Name: 3 Weeks
it feels kinda
like we never met at all
it seems as though my
mark was not made
3 years flew by
but now seems
like it was
3 weeks to you

i swear i remember everyday
next to you
remembering a lot of nights
i wish i'd forget
ones you cried and i did too
ones we made promises
we'd later regret

how do i get through to you
how do i get though
Track Name: I Won't Think of You
and i'll tell myself
that i'm not gonna miss you
and i'll tell myself
that i'm not gonna care
when i see you with him
standing there
and i'll tell myself
i'll go on so many dates
and i'll have so much fun
no i won't think of you
not this time